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The popularity of pergolas has increased dramatically in recent years!

Whether you are getting your new pergola for aethestic or functional reasons, one thing is for sure - it will definitely make a statement and change the look and feel of the space where it is installed.

At Koster Konstruction, we meet with you to discuss options for the space where you want your new pergola. And then we design, create and install your pergola entirely to your specifications and within budget.

Additional Benefits of Pergolas

Most homeowners and landscape designers add pergolas (sometimes incorrectly called arbors, which lack the beautiful architectural design features of pergolas) to add dimension to the lines in gardens for aesthetic reasons. But pergolas serve other great purposes, outside of just their eye-catching beauty, including:

Shade - The Florida sun can be brutal. Pergolas provide great shade so you can enjoy your outdoor space more often year round.

Layout - Pergolas can help divide your outdoor space into sections. If you have an outdoor kitchen, hot tub, or other areas that you would like to have their "own space", pergolas can help section off the area for whatever you intend it for.

Value - Pergolas show that you are willing to invest in your home. They can also be a great asset to garden areas.

Types of Pergolas

Once you've decided on the purposes your new pergola will serve, it's time to decide on the design of it.

Gabled Pergolas - This design features a peaked or ridged roof, which allows for water runoff and extra height in the middle. Gabled pergolas typically have open ends that allow for good airflow.

Flat Top (Skillion) Roof Pergolas - These designs are common when outdoor lighting and fans are desired to be built into the structure (gabled pergolas are often popular for lighting and fans). Different types of roofing are available depending on your preferences.

Open Top Pergolas - These structures are the ones most commonly thought of when someone mentions pergolas. They are a great way to increase privacy, channel airflow, and help protect against the sun's harmful UV rays, when a roof is not needed.


There are Many variations on these designs. To get an Estimate on what you are envisioning, call us at (813) 624-4562 or fill out the Get Your Free Estimate Form and we will be in touch shortly.

Note: More Custom Pergola Images are available on theĀ Photo Gallery Page.


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